The daily torment of more than a million american children

I realize thats a headline that shocks, but that figure is a very conservative estimate.

I was having a conversation with a social conservative apologist the other day, who kept trying to explain that he’d choose a hate mongering candidate (like Carl Paladino) because he didn’t see how LGBTQA rights were his concern.

It got me thinking about all those who suffer daily because their mother and father in constant attitude, and in occasional action remind these children that who they are is an abomination against God.

To get a handle on the figures, I did some rough calculations.

Description Value
Population of the USA 310 million
Confirmed Religious Right (15%) 46 million
Religious Right Children (27.6%) 13 million
Religious Right Children 5 and under (6% of population) 3 million
Religious Right Children aged 5-20 10 million
LGBT youth population of Religious Right 1 million

I realize the calculations are rough, and take certain assumptions for granted, but it was meant to be just a rough estimate.

We aren’t talking about school yard bullies, or other adults, these children are being made to feel like they are disgusting by their parents. We aren’t just talking about the Phelps here, although probably they have a few fabulous apples waiting to come out of that rotten pile.

This is not a minor problem, its a tragedy, and even if they aren’t taking their own lives, they are dying a little inside each day.

How many suicides are unreported as LGBTQA because either their parents did not know, or did not want to admit their child was “different”, how many more must we loose to this plague?

What can we do, I know i want to broadcast into every home and church in america that preaches intolerance and hate, that it’s okay to be you, but we have to start with realistic little goals. If you know someone who is hidden in the closet because of fear of parents, be a friendly ear and a helping hand, if you see someone on the street trying to hide their child’s eyes from the sight of 2 men holding hands, say something.

The most important thing is just realize its happening and keeping your eyes, your ears and your hearts open to those in desperate need of a life-line.