I’m not a “Good Queer”

I hear a lot about the quiet acquiescent protests that go on in the US and elsewhere. The polite, the nice, the ones who do what they are told, and don’t want to rock the boat.

I went to Gay Pride in Brighton this year and the impression I got was just a commercial fair, nothing particularly vibrant and fighting for rights. It was like Rome after they conquered the known world, before the barbarians came storming back. There are still LGBTQA youth dying in the UK, some by the hands of others, and many by their own desire for the torment to end.

I hear people like Dan Savage who talk about how it gets better, how there’s a “normal” happy life after high school, I hear about how we should accept civil unions, and almost marriage.

I remember watching Milk, and seeing the “Good Queers” telling him to play it safe and polite, and now I see the Whitehouse telling us to be “Good Queers”.

For those of you who don’t know, “Good Nigger” was a phrase used by segregationists to describe those african americans who seemed happy with the scraps given them. Martin Luther King Jr was told not to come to Birmingham, because they didn’t want his kind upsetting the “Good Niggers”.

I know how offensive a term “Good Nigger” is, but its apt, and accurate. If you want to be a “Good Queer” then keep your head down and accept the scraps of rights the democrats choose to give us then get used to being second class citizens for the rest of your lives.

But if you realize we deserve the same citizenship as everyone else, the right to be treated with respect be it in primary school or on our hospital death bed, then you are going to have to learn to be a “Bad Queer”

If someone uses “Gay”, “Fag”, “Dyke”, “Queer” or any other of our words as a pejorative, call them on it. If you see us being used as the butt of jokes, you need to kick up a fuss. If a business acts in a homophobic way (and yes Target we mean you) then let them know how you feel with a loud hailer and a protest.

Finally if someone claiming to be a friend of our community gets elected to be president on a platform of equality and then doesn’t come through, give him hell, he may be better than the alternative so you’ll need to vote for him, but remind him how much of a disappointment he is.