FCK8 releases a new video

This is a really good visible campaign, of course being called on their crap frustrates NOM, so they responded claiming the children are being exploited.

The response makes me sick, how dare they talk loving families and say these children are not allowed a voice.

We are here, we have marriages in reality if not in law and people we love, and surprisingly we want share that positive environment with our children. I really don’t care that your neolithic religion doesn’t like the fact that i fuck my girlfriend and I think like everything else from that ignorant age it should be thrown on the trash heap…

Pop on over to FCKH8.COM and show your support 🙂

I’m just making a clarification here, that not all branches of the judeochristianislamic pantheon of religions cling to the homophobic tennets preached by the christian right. I do not intend to criticize the enlightened sects that remained true to the positive aspects espoused by those faiths, and if anyone took offense i do apologize, your faith is not for me but you are entitled to it.