A republican state senator, who fights for Gay Marriage?

Senator Kittleman of the 9th District of Maryland has stood up against the almost insurmountable forces of intolerance at the heart of his party.

Initially when the tides of equality seemed to be heading towards the Maryland Legislature, Kittleman chose to try to find a compromise by proposing a civil unions bill. Now while I may not agree, i applaud his efforts towards bridging the divide between progressives and intolerants. However when his own side refused to support such a measure, he chose what he felt was right for his constituents over the platform of his party.

More than that however, he went against the tenets of his own faith, which are firmly conservative christian, and instead went with his principles on the constitution that clearly state we are not a theocracy.

I know I’m generally fairly anti-religious in my viewpoint, this represents the way things should be in American Politics, a devout member of a faith, disagrees on the basis of his religion but then when he enters the legislature he does not drag his or her faith in behind him.

Allan Kittleman, I’m sure we would disagree on so many things, but you are a True American and an honorable man, thank you for your courage.

Via our friends at the NOM Blog who keep telling us about the brave and courageous people they hate and want to destroy.