Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité provided you are not Homosexuels or Lesbiennes

Here’s an article from 1999, about the collapse of the opposition to marriage equality in France. The country famed for liberty and equality, the Fifth Republic of France was ready to step forward and lead on equality.

So why today, 12 years later is Pat Robertson’s pet news agency, One News World reporting that France’s highest court continued blocking marriage equality.

Sadly that energy was lost, indeed in 2004, there was another homophobic court ruling annulling a gay marriage due to “The Traditional Family” a long since passed french concept. The president had a divorce and married his girlfriend AFTER his election to president, and nobody batted an eyelid. But apparently a lesbian couple wanting the same rights as other families, thats a step too far.

I look up to France, I idealize their principles, the social institutions and french character, including sensible views on sex and marriage. I am normally so proud of my french ancestry, except for at the moment. Intolerance has won this battle and we have to keep up the fight, ignoring the insult that french civil partnerships are.

I know that France is not the egalitarian progressive utopia I would love it to be, BUT I honestly assumed that the french people would stand up and demand real equality from their courts. Hopefully next time the battle is fought it’ll be a slam dunk, but honestly its time for President Sarkozy to step up and lead on real marriage.

Rather than what France claims to stand up for, their motto might be L’esclavage, la hiérarchie, Vendetta, please rise to the challenge….