A letter to those who oppose equality

To whom it may concern,

There are so many of your groups out there, with different flavors of your bigotry, all filled with hatred for real equality for all.

I know we frighten you, I know we challenge the social order you believe is ordained, I know you worry for the future of a country that you cannot scare into control. I don’t care, because I don’t threaten your right to believe what you think in your own poisoned mind. There will always be forces of intolerance in our society all we can do is to ignore them and move forward.

You talk about 2011 being the year of saving marriage, about the idea that more states will repeal their equality laws, and those that already are unequal, want to make their states even more apartheid. I know that you hope for a federal marriage amendment that will in your eyes forever enshrine your hatred in the US constitution.

I honestly think that your chances of passing a marriage amendement at the federal level is non-existant. However I admit that were there republican majorities in the house and senate, not to mention in the White House in 2012 things would look bad for marriage equality, in fact I would imagine things would get worse.

However here’s the thing you don’t seem to get. The battle will not be over until we win, and we will win eventually. Even if you managed to set back the cause of gay equality 20 years, you will never stop our desire for freedom and equality. You cannot keep us down for long, we’ll keep fighting until equality is given. You may have almighty god behind you, but we have the desire for freedom and I know which i’m betting on.

Throughout human history, there have been oppressors and bigots, but every one has fallen.

I know you’ll never listen to me, or my advice, but I’ll give it anyway. You will loose, and will be remembered as haters and bigots, so please stop causing unnecessary pain and suffering and let us have our equality now rather than make us wait.

Hoping for your enlightenment,