Women’s Health Pride and the Right Choice

There is a large minority of people in our society who feel forced to remain in the closet about the choices they made. Its a diverse group that varies across all ethnicities, all social strata, all religious groups (it happens deal with it) and all financial situations. 1/3rd of women in the USA at some time in their lives will make a difficult choice, and choose what is right over the social mores that may exist in her community, or the US as a whole.

She will choose to have an abortion, it may be an early RU486 pregnancy, or it may involve going to one of the very few doctors brave enough to perform late term abortions. There are as many reasons for doing this as there are women in the world, because each situation is different and unique.

Legally I’m pro-women’s health fullstop, if the woman needs an abortion I think she should be able to get it. So you aren’t gonna convince me that the procedure is wrong, it may be distastefully medically to you, but I doubt you’d get excited about removing a cancerous piece of the lower intestine either. This isn’t about my beliefs because they are largely irrelevant to the point I’m trying to make.

If a woman makes what is a difficult choice, then not only should she not be vilified and metaphorically spat upon, instead I actually thing she should take pride that she put her health and wellbeing ahead of an agenda that wishes to criminalize her behavior.

It may be that she felt that at the place in life she was at that she could not give the child a good home due to financial or family situation. It might be that a relationship has fragmented, and the woman does not want to place undue burdens on either of them. It could be that the pregnancy will threaten the woman’s health. Most difficult of all it might be that the child would have life changing special needs, and while there are people who will sacrifice everything for their child, its a very difficult sacrifice to make, and nobody should be forced to do it, because resentful parents are not what the child needs.

This is what it comes down to, unless you feel ready to have a child come into your life, where you feel like you can support them and give them a loving home, then nobody should be able to force you to have one, or make you feel shame for making that right choice.

Most women will do anything to hide the fact they had to have an abortion, because of the social stigma the so called pro-life community has snuck into our society. I’m not talking about quiet acceptance, I’m talking about women being able to have pride in the fact that they did the right thing. If necessary I want there to be a women’s health pride, a march of women who are prepared to say “I did the right thing” and banish this effort to make them feel guilty for making the right choice.

The inspiration for this piece came to me while watching one of Angie the Antitheist’s videos.