Archbishop Nolan compares Gay Marriage to Incest

This is the Archbishop of New York City, apparently wanted to renew the church, but certainly not reform it. Honestly how is this man allowed to be the Archbishop, surely one of the liberal progressive bishops would be more appropriate for the Medina of Gay Culture.

He states clearly that in his view only straight couples are worthy of marriage, and that gay couples are clearly inferior and do not make the grade of being capable of marriage. Those couples in legal marriages around the western world would beg to differ.

He then talks about the love he feels for his mother, and how since society wont let him marry his mother, then gay people should not have a right to marry either.

This is honestly one of the most odious sanctimonious hypocrites I’ve seen in a long while. The sheer brass neck of him to talk about gay couples being like incest and inferior to straight couples… I’m glad the church forbids priests from getting married, I’d hate to inflict him on a potential husband.

Found by those lovely people at NOM