Australia strides forward on the treatment of young trans kids

This story has been bouncing around the interwebs for a few weeks, but i think its still a significant step forward. “Jamie” as she’s referred to in the news articles, has already been living as a girl for 2 years, and her family, including her twin brother has accepted the change.

The judge recognising the critically damaging changes that will start happening in the next months and years to Jamie’s body gave permission to her doctors to start her on puberty blocking drugs. This will mean that when she is older she will be able to take contra-hormone therapy and get all the benefits.

Of course the right wing across the western world is spitting fireballs, and pointing to their flawed research. Matt Barber, the VP of the Liberty Counsel Action hate group said that because of his beliefs in God making us and we should accept that no matter the pain, its sinful to allow people to be allowed to transition.

Every reputable psychiatric institution recognises that for some Gender Identity Disorder emerges at an early age, and that careful monitored treatment can maximise the benefits of the overall process. All of these same institutes, recognise that people who suffer from Gender Identity Disorder, cannot be counselled, coerced, or brutalised into being the physical gender they where born as.