Reverend Al Sharpton vs Brian Brown

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Normally these debates are set up to give one or the other side an advantage, either on the marriage equality side, or on the stone-the-gays-for-daring-to-ask-for-respect side. But on the Ed Show a few days ago we got a real political prize fight and no punches were pulled.

I don’t think there are any skillful debaters on the STGFDTAFRS, because their arguments are fundamentally very weak, but Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher are possibly the best of the “stick our fingers in our ears and yell ‘we hate gays'” school of debate.

However Al Sharpton kept landing punches and avoided getting dragged down. The one area I’d like to have seen a few more punchbacks from the Reverend was on the issue of what would be acceptable for Brian Brown and he failed to point out the severe financial penalties LGBTQIPPQA people suffer upon the death of a partner.

Brian Brown did admit he wants LGBTQIAPPQA people to have no rights as far as recognition of their relationships, but then again he’s the kind of hater who wishes he could lobby the APA to call being gay a pathology again. He was also wrong on the fact that LGBTQIAPPQA marriages did not mystically appear when marriage was no longer about wife ownership, we’ve been having marriages since before the bible was written.

All in all it was a decent if short debate.