We are all Queer, we may not be Gay

I was watching Ashley Love confront the absence of Trans panel members at the NAACP,

Now the argument that Don Lemon was trying to make is that we are all gay, which honestly on some level is not entirely accurate. I’m a transwoman who’s also mostly lesbian, however if I were a straight trans-woman, then I would consider myself not covered by the label “gay”.

However I feel that the label Queer does cover everyone no matter the identity. Don Lemon needs to realize that by putting “Gay” as the front term, he ignores the needs and presence of Bisexuals, Lesbians, Transgender and many other orientations and identities that face prejudice, sometimes even from within the Lesbian and Gay communities.

So if you want to use the term “Queer Community” as an umbrella term, but “Gay Community” is inaccurate, and excludes many people who are part of the Queer Community.