News Feed for 2011-09-30

  • European Parliament introduces measure to remove classification of transgender people as mentally ill #
  • Scottish religious groups complain that blocking marriage equality violates their religious freedom #
  • Belgrade Pride March is threatened by right wing extremists #
  • New Voter ID laws may disenfranchise the most vulnerable of groups….. trans people #

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News Feed for 2011-09-28

  • French android app tries to function as gaydar for clueless mothers by using offensive stereotypes #
  • Leon Fyle will spend 21 years in prison for his brutal transphobic murder of Destiny Lauren re-trial rules #
  • Transgender woman complains about the spotty coverage of treatment by NHS for therapies, surgeries and treatments #
  • Street preacher Michael Overd is in court after harassing and bullying a gay couple #
  • Closeted Homophobe Website outs 10 italian MPs who are launching homophobic attacks, while secretly gay in private #
  • Obama administration attempts to weasel its way out of paying all the severance pay to soldiers victimised by DADT #
  • Northern Ireland's health minister refuses to reconsider lifetime blood donation ban for gay men #creationist #
  • Republican party has no problem with attacking the troops, what hope did gay soldiers have of respect for their service #
  • East London Pride finally goes ahead, but there are still many bridges to rebuild and wounds to heal #
  • Gay Couples are twice as likely as straight couples to remain married according to Office of National Statistics #
  • Chinese Government forces chinese TV show to drop one of the key performers, because she is transgender #transphobia #
  • The US Marines start recruiting at a gay community centre, showing leadership in a post DADT world #
  • Potential next leader of the Scottish Conservative party advocates 4 faith schools, ignoring track record on homophobia #
  • 3 who played a large part in bullying Jamey Rodemeyer into taking his own life may face criminal charges #

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Anti-Gay Preacher, meets God (sorta)

I know I talk about compassion and enlightening homophobes, but closeted gay people who fuck their boyfriends in a hotel room and then preach about persecuting gay people on sunday, really do commit an almost unforgivable act.

So this little bone from Supernatural made me smile,

“And he who lies in my name, shall choke on his own false tongue, and his poisonous words shall betray him”

A message to libertarians on queer rights

You would leave the vulnerable unprotected from the unchained ravages of bigots. Its nice to think that you can talk the bigots down, but sometimes you have stand up, and fight back. The bigots sometimes need to be chained, in deed but not in word.

Gary Johnson is no friend of the Queer Community, he’d strip us of all the protections we are working for and have worked for over the past 2 generations. His solution is to throw us to the wolves, and hope some of us survive.

Fundamentalist Christians don’t want a Theocracy?

I came across this article by Jordan Sekulow attorney at the ACLJ, claiming that associating the Christian Dominist Movement with fundamentalist Christianity was unfair, because fundamentalist Christians really want freedom for all.

This was the response I posted:

Except that the ACLJ and much of the Christian Right is constantly taking religious values and laws, and trying (and sadly sometimes succeeding) to bring them into civil law.   
Now there’s a multitude of examples in different areas where the Christian Right shows its Dominist values. However there is one example where Jordan and his pack of lies about freedom can be hoisted on their own potard, and thats the religious right and their treatment of Queer americans.   
The claim is of small government, freedom of choice, and personal responsibility, provided its small government in areas that do not affect you if you are a straight white fundamentalist christian man.    
The tea party, and the evangelical movement are already lining up their attacks on Queer americans, on every issue from marriage equality, through to attacking the repeal of DADT.    
When I want to marry the woman I love, where is my freedom? The claims of wanting freedom are nothing but pure hypocrisy… its saying you are free, provided you do what we tell you to do.   
Jordan can claim until he’s blue in the face that Fundamentalist Christians don’t want a theocracy, but those of us who already suffer under the theocratic laws that his kind have inflicted on this country, know better.

Why no matter how hard they try, DADT cannot be brought back

Its been said by many of the Republican candidates for president that one of their first acts will be to re-enact DADT, possibly by executive order. For some its playing to the homophobic republican base, for others its their heartfelt bigotry.

President Obama Signing the Repeal

Repeal for good?

However one thing we have to ask, is whether it is practical once repeal has been enacted for DADT to be re-enacted. By re-enacting the law, the bill’s signer, would be kicking out of the military, every single soldier, pilot, and sailor who’s been honest about who they are, so lets look at some numbers to think about what that would mean.

There are currently 1,445,000 active duty service members and 833,616 reserve troops which gives a grand total of 2,278,616 persons who would be affected by this policy. So assuming the conservative figure of 3.5% of the population identifies as LGB, that  would say that there approximately at least 80,000 LGB service members. Lets assume that half that group comes out in the next few days (another conservative figure), so potentially by the stroke of a pen, the Commander in Chief will dismiss 40,000 highly qualified and trained troops at a time when the US military cannot afford to loose anyone.

Republican CNN Tea Party Debate Candidates

Promising repeal of the repeal?

In the time of DADT, there has been horrific outcry by everyone from Queer Rights Activists, to Devout  Defence Hawks have protested the senseless loss of 13,650 service members. Now repealing the repeal, would cause the loss of 3 times that number in 1 day.

While many of these candidates lack any common sense,  when faced with those numbers, alone they would have to realise the catastrophic damage to the US military by the instantaneous loss of 40,000 troops.

They can promise all they want to bring back DADT, but the last day to prevent the repeal of DADT, was yesterday, before the “Great Revelation”.

News Feed for 2011-09-20

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News Feed for 2011-09-17

  • NOM's NY9 strategy shows again their hatred for queer americans, and their distain 4 the values of the jewish community #
  • David Cameron claims he's "Emphatically" supportive of marriage equality (why wait, why not pass a bill tomorrow?) #
  • MA woman has such extreme homophobia thats she refuses to leave the house in case she sees "A Gay" #
  • LGB Troops await the day they can serve openly and proud (forgetting the transgender troops abandoned by the masses) #
  • Publishers trying to censor even the mention of queer characters in Young Adult fiction #
  • For a new generation of trans youth, its the adults with the hate, not their schoolmates #
  • Scottish Catholic Church continues to direct bile at the simple idea of marriage equality #
  • Woman who beat a transwoman nearly to death in a mcdonalds, gets 5 years for assault + hate crime #
  • NY Clerk refuses to sign marriage licenses, compares being gay to bestiality and still doesn't get fired #
  • Social Security will no longer send "No-Match" letters to employers that was outing transgender employees #
  • Australia allowing more flexible and up to date rules on passports for transgender and intersex australians #
  • Gay Iranians are coming out of the closet on Facebook beginning to stand tall #
  • Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism talks about how It Gets Better #

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