News Feed for 2011-10-26

  • Tim Hortons near London, ON kicks lesbian couple out for holding hands in public #
  • Denmark and Queensland move forwards towards marriage equality #
  • Zimbabwe's prime minister (not president) Morgan Tsvangirai calls for protections for LGBT citizens in new constitution #
  • Tennessee school still blocks the formation of a GSA but no longer expels for advocating for one's formation #
  • PA school forces students to out themselves to their parents in order to join GSA alliance #
  • Minnesota catholic church unreservedly allies with the worst homophobic elements #
  • Australian PM Julia Gillard will allow a free vote on marriage equality bill #
  • Chris Christie calls out Viki Knox for her extremely homophobic comments #
  • Alabama starts making moves towards LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying laws #
  • Governor Cuomo's progressive credentials begin to show their lack of depth #occupyalbany #
  • Pat Robertson calls on the Republicans to stop acting so crazy (wait until after elections) to avoid scaring moderates #
  • NOM's inner workings exposed by former staffer #
  • Florida Family Association tries to launch boycott of target for giving out suicide prev line number for queer youth #

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Just something I said as “feedback” to Focus on the Family

I saw a request for feedback by Focus on the Family, and I couldn’t resist.

Focus makes it a mission to hurt my family.
Because of their “noble” work.

When we go to the clerk’s office and ask for our marriage to be recognised in law, we’ll be told we are second class citizens undeserving of basic human rights. When I am in the hospital, my wife will be unable to be by my side, since she won’t be part of my legal family. When our children need health insurance benefits, I will be unable to use my work insurance to cover them, because they will be my children only in reality, not in law. Our marriage will be as strong as any other, but because of Focus and other organisations like it, that marriage will be denied recognition.

News Feed for 2011-10-21

  • Lesbian Grad Student learns she is "Disgusting, Unnatural, Abnormal" as part of her lecturer's syllabus #
  • Australia joins the commonwealth countries calling for the remainder of commonwealth to decriminalise being gay #
  • Elderly lesbian couple arresting for daring to protest the refusal of their request for a marriage license #
  • Pray away the AIDS church in london has killed 3 people so far #
  • Poland elects first transgender MP on a platform of queer equality #

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News Feed for 2011-10-20

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To those of you who want the LGB and T communities to be separate

I was having an argument with a friend over the ignoring of transgender people in the DADT fight, and in moves towards LGBT equality in the USA. She retorted that she couldn’t understand why transpeople were even part of the LGBT community, and if we didn’t like the progress we were free to fuck off and fight for our rights on our own. This was my response.
Back during the 1900s in the US there was a strong alliance between the African American civil rights movement and the Womens lib movement, which could have brought about the civil rights era 50 years early.

However the white men in power managed to try to separate the groups by focussing on their differences and their own internal prejudices. The women were turned against the idea of african americans having equality, and the african american men were turned against the idea of their wives, girlfriends and sisters having equality.

Now strangely there was some overlap, in fact there was a very large overlap of african american women, but effectively given that they were denied power as women and as african americans meant that their voices were lost in the chaos that set civil rights back 50 years.

Now there is a subset of trans people who embrace a post-trans state of being, entering either stealth or partial stealth entering a rigid hetero-normative existence, and reject the association with the larger LGBT community. Partially this may be due to internal prejudices, but also its part of a desire for conformity. I know the fear, but I’ve come to despise those transpeople, as much as I do LGB people who seek to exclude and even discriminate against trans people, since its a situation of equal responsibility for the perceived divide.

We’re all queer, be we asexual, polyamorous, bisexual or transsexual. Yes my personal experiences may not be the same as a genetic lesbian woman, but then again my personal experiences are my own.

However I do have experiences that place me somewhere in lesbian/bisexual space, in transgender space, in british space, in new yorker space, and in geeky space.

Those who wish to keep society from full acceptance and rights for LGBT people would love to have to fight a Lesbian lobby, a Gay lobby, a Bisexual lobby and a Transgender lobby because they would be smaller, weaker and suffering from infighting. It happens, even with an LGBT lobby where trans rights are often the sacrifice placed on the altar of getting gains for LGB people. This is also despite the efforts of transpeople in the fight for rights for all LGBT people irrespective of whether they are gay, straight or bisexual.

The DADT repeal was a clear example of this, where people like Dan Savage talked about how the entire LGBT community had a huge victory, as transgender service members are still being discharged. Yes it was a big victory, but the plight of transgender service members was never even mentioned in the fight.

Yes the precise aspect of ourselves may be different as to why the discrimination happens, but its founded in the fear and hatred of Queer people. Bigots generally are not sophisticated enough in their ignorance to hate trans-people for a different set of reasons to their hatred for LGB people.

Our community needs to fight for all its members, whether or not the specific issue applies to our own individual lives.

News Feed for 2011-10-06

  • NYC Police department demonstrates virulent transphobia when dealing with a non violent transgender #ows protestor #
  • Happyness is – realising you don't need to wear a bra to be accepted for who you are #
  • One of the few gay bars in Kampala, Uganda was force-ably shut down #
  • Larry King's murderer will face retrial, although the prosecutor ignores hate crime aspect of the murder for retrial #
  • David Cameron faces religious opposition to marriage equality, how will he survive the 3 votes this will loose him? #
  • Happyness is – realising you don't need to wear a bra to be accepted for who you are #transgender #mtf #
  • Despite its lack of any scientific merit the "Gay Cure" study author continues to beat the dead horse #
  • Openly gay men face employment discrimination across the USA #
  • UK gov't moves to allow expunging of criminal convictions applied puniatively against gay men #
  • Westboro Baptist Church promises to picket Steve Jobs' funeral, via iPhone #
  • Australian transgender men win legal recognition of their gender #

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