News Feed for 2011-11-28

  • Australian Marriage Equality Ad explains without saying a word, why marriage equality should be a no brainer. #
  • Brighton is considering an official "Gay Quarter" although some fear a ghetto effect #
  • UniversitĂ© du QuĂ©bec has started a research chair to study the phenomena of homophobia #
  • Rush Limbaugh continues to blame Larry King and those who supported him for his death #
  • Pope tries to shift blame for AIDS away from his genocidal opposition to condom usage #
  • Monster in St Pauls who raped a trans man (discovered trans status while stealing) is sent down for at least 27 years #
  • Nigeria moves forward with its plan to further criminalize gay relationships #
  • Google steps up to provide gold standard levels of care for its transgender employees #wpath #
  • Soldier booed at republican debate and insulted by @ricksantorum speaks out #
  • Polish court allows neo-nazi group to officially register a homophobic symbol as their official govt recognized symbol #

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News Feed for 2011-11-15

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News Feed for 2011-11-09

  • Benjamin Franklin was an early ally to queer americans #
  • NH republican talks to about his relationship with his God, and the gay son that God blessed him with #
  • 5 good reasons (but not the only reasons) that the LGBT community should protect and fight for the T component #
  • Evangelical christian mother talks about how her gay son and brother are intentional creations of God #
  • Boy Scouts of America has covered up thousands of cases of child molestation #
  • Often prom is heteronormative, and discriminatory but once in a while something wonderful happens #

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Dealing with homophobia from a colleague

So I had a fairly interesting situation at work where one of my new colleagues had a bit of a freak out about the sticker thats on the back of my laptop. Its was just a generic stonewall one saying “Some people are gay. Get over it!”.

He launched into a bit of diatribe about how he didnt agree with gay people, and how it was against nature. I’ve encountered a few homophobic and transphobic people in real life, but this is the first time its been in a situation where this is someone I’m directly involved with at work.

The guy is probably mid 30s, and continued on about children as part of lesbian and gay families. I said a bit about all the studies were there proving that children do just as well in queer familes as heteronormative families, but just as I was about to let “Activist Gemma” out, i bit my tongue.

After I avoided the argument, he seemed to calm down a bit and the subject changed. I don’t know if the topic will come up again in the morning, but I hope this is the last I hear of it.

At the time i was proud of myself that I held back, I thought I was doing the sensible thing, he is nominally my superior and we are both contractors, and what would an argument get us but showing us the door….

However was I just being cowardly and being a good queer? I could really do with some feedback about how you would react, or have reacted.