Monthly Archives: December 2011

News Feed for 2011-12-08

  • Home Office announces a strategy to promote transgender equality, including much stronger hate crimes penalties #
  • Jillian Weis on the GL/BT divide in the queer rights movement #
  • Maine gears up to be the first state to legalise marriage equality by ballot measure #
  • What does it say that most hotel rooms have a transphobic homophobic, racist, sexist and pro-slavery tract in them #
  • Deputy Russian Prime Minister postulates a law censoring gay rights, on the road to being worthy of nigeria #

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News Feed for 2011-12-03

  • Exodus International may be getting close to destruction, they r broke and discredited, a little less hate in the world #
  • NBC refuses to air ad for suicide prevention hotline during "The Sing Off" #
  • Private Boarding School in Pennsylvania refuses first class student because he was born with HIV #
  • Brutally beat your class mate for being gay, get a slap on the wrist in Ohio, a bare 90 days in juvie #
  • 30% of UK adults lack the facts when it comes to HIV #
  • Peter Tachell argues that the UK Gov't is failing in its care of HIV patients #
  • Italian Footballers Association says that gay players should remain closeted to make everyone's life easier #
  • Russian Gov't complains about the international outcry at their lgbt-censorship laws #

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