Be the person you would be travelling with a madman in a box.

So I was musing about the “No Atheists in a Bolt Hole” fallacy, and I realised that I might still be a devout agnostic in a bolt hole, I know which fictional deity I would hope might spring into reality.

Then I thought about what said deity might say on the subject of a decalogue, and here is what I thought he might say.

1. Bow Ties are Cool.
2. Fez’s are Cooler.
3. Stay out of trouble.
4. Time is not the boss of you.
5. When you know, you know.
6. Put down that gun.
7. You’re brilliant.
8. Live each day as though it could be the day.
9. Never stop asking.
10. Be the person you would be travelling with a madman in a box.

That is all.

Sometimes we have to lay things out

I was getting fed up of being told of the “love” for me and mine homophobic christians have for us.

This was my response.

This new claimed view of gay people is very young, but we remember the doors being broken down, we remember the prisons, we remember the noose, the stake, we remember the purges, the lost loves, the children stolen from our homes.

Uganda is the true face of christian hate for us, behind the nice suits, the polished slick lies of love and compassion, we know we risk our deaths if we ever let down our guards.

Maybe I could have been a little bit cooler headed, but sometimes we have to say what we know to be true.