ACLU Continues the fight against School Filtering and Censorship

We reported last month about Schools filtering LGBTQIA sites.

The sites being blocked have included Gay Straight Alliances, GLSEN, support sites, and even blocking news items related to LGBTQIA issues. This affects all students, who are blocked from vital information, but especially the vulnerable LGBTQIA youth that are the inspiration for this site’s being.

Students from around the USA have been checking up on their schools filtering policies and reporting in. The ACLU has been collating all this information and has now starting acting against the offending school districts.

The initial round of legal action has resulted in letters sent to school districts in Michigan, Kansas and Western Missouri demanding they stop their censorship, and Freedom of Information requests to school districts throughout the rest of the USA on their filtering policies.

Its sad to see that schools have been doing this filtering, often hurting their most needy students, but hopefully the ACLU can start the momentum coming from the legal direction.

However its only part of the story, we need to contact our representatives, our board members and Principles to demand that censorship will not be tolerated.

I’ve started a new petition to be sent to the House, Senate and the Whitehouse demanding they take action against such unconstitutional, discriminatory and potentially life threatening censorship.

Please sign the petition to make your voice heard.

Found via Pink News

ACLU reporting on School Censorship of LGBTQA websites

Its becoming clear that many school’s filtering is including sites about Gay Straight Alliances, and Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. However those schools doing the censoring often fail to censor the hate filled “god can fix the gay” groups who perpetrate potentially fatal lies about being able to cure being gay.

Example of a website block

Here's an example of what is being seen.

The ACLU is fighting against this unconstitutional censorship, and asking for student’s help with a survey of website accessibility.

Found via Pride in Utah.