Brian Brown debates Sean Eldridge with help from Fox News

I was watching this debate live, and I commented with the #marriageequalityfoxdebate hash tag yesterday.

Its 9 minutes worth of the 15 minute debate. It shows some salient points, but it also showed the very weak performance of Sean Eldridge and the bias of the Fox News host.

Brian Brown made the case that children need biological parents as a priority, which ignores decades of research on adoption, donor eggs, donor sperm, IVF and LGBTQIA parenting.

He argued that California (and other states that oppose gay marriage) should not be forced to accept gay marriage. To me thats just the same as states that had anti-miscegenation states complaining they had the right to block those marriages.

The special case of DOMA is that it fundamentally is not a defensible law, and the Obama administration could not provide a good faith defense of the law, because there is none they could find.

Orientation, and Gender identity and expression protections were talked about by Harvey Milk, and at least at the campaign stage, the Bill Clinton was in favor of gay protections, in fact the DADT situation was a failure of his attempt to allow open service of LGB troops within the US military.

Brian brown kept saying that religious and personal distaste should be allowed as legitimate reasons to discriminate against LGBTQIA families and people, when similar behavior on the basis of race would be universally condemned.

The “moderator” introjected about the APA saying she doesn’t like them because they ignore studies that are anti-gay, and Sean Eldridge did not defend the clear principle that the APA ignores junk science. These are loaded studies designed to try to reverse generations of scientific research on LGBTQIA issues by using manipulated or blatantly false data.

Also when Sean was raising the immigration question,

Sean Eldridge’s performance was to be perfectly nice, pathetic, he was so weak on what needed to be said. He could have made a clear example of explaining that religions should not be allowed to practice bigotry with public money.

If you are a bigoted agency like the catholic church you are not an institution that should be allowed to be a public adoption agency.

He should have said that sexual orientation is not being placed at a special state, but is being put at a level with other protected class.

The APA was a position he should have stood strong on, which he failed to do.

I know I’m a polyamorous queer culture advocate, but Sean should have also stated 2 major points, firstly this is not about polygamy, secondly Utah was a territory not a state, so it did not have the same protections.

This was not a victory by Brian Brown, but it was a pitiful defense by Sean Eldridge, who let the moderator side with Brian Brown.

Video was posted on the NOM Blog