Greta Christina on sexuality and atheism

A couple of years ago I wrote about the Day of Dialogue, an effort by the Focus on the Family group to fight back against the Day of Silence.

I was talking about what could be said back to those christian school children who are parotting hate and bile towards people, but I finished off with this paragraphy about what the queer movement had to offer those who are bigotted on sexual issues.

Its not just about us, its about freeing them from the artificial constraints that they are forced into. The sheer madness of the situation is actually thrown into sharp relief with the legal prostitution that occurs in Iran, where a helpful iman grants marriages between client and sex worker, who after “sharing the marital bed” divorce using the “I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you” method, and leave. Sex is meant to be between consenting adults, and freedom from religious views on sex is something of what we offer. … and holding it back because of some strange ideas about criminalizing intimacy only being allowed during marriage, is lunacy.

Here’s Greta Christina’s talk on atheism and sexuality, which I thought was rather applicable to those ideas I was trying to express.