A little history lesson for Keith O’Brien

Keith O'Brien

Bigot of Scotland

The chief bigot of scotland, Keith O’Brien has been spouting more hate, lies and misinformation in an effort to exert the will of his bigoted employer on secular Scotland, and the secular United Kingdom. Apparently marriage is an old and revered institution, that has been unchanged for all of recorded history. Of course he’s wrong, but he doesn’t even know the history of the country he’s trying to exert dominion over or its history with his employer.

Once, long ago a King of England decided due in large part to the ignorant age he lived in, that his wife was incapable of producing male heirs and rather than ending sexist primogeniture succession, and ending legal misogyny 500 years early, he decided he wanted a divorce. Due to his power being limited by being under the dominion of the Catholic Church, he had to ask permission from the CEO.

Now if you read some history books, you’ll learn that the Pope objected on moral grounds, that the idea of divorce was an anathema to him. However if you read the accurate history books, you realise that many popes had granted many divorces to many people when it suited them. The divorce of Henry Tudor to Catherine of Aragon, was denied on the grounds that at the time, the Catholic Church was politically allied with the Spanish throne, and Catherine was a member of that family.

So before the catholic church even thinks about trying to claim any moral authority on marriage, it should remember that the sanctity of marriage, was up for a political price, and always has been.

The Vatican on the UN supporting gay rights

Recently the USA finally started stepping up to the mark on gay rights at the UN.

The Vatican felt compelled to respond, through Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, who said that Catholic Beliefs on morality were being stigmatised and vilified. This is true, much in the same way as white supremacists views became stigmatised during the last quarter of the 20th century, and they made the same claims of “freedom” and “rights”.

They talk about having to close down adoption centres because they are unable to live up to the standards set by the state for adoption centres due to their beliefs taking precedent over the welfare of children in their care.

Silvano says that all people must be treated with dignity and respect, no matter their sexual orientation or behavior, but then said “But states can and must regulate behaviours, including various sexual behaviours,” followed by “Throughout the world, there is a consensus between societies that certain kinds of sexual behaviour must be forbidden by law. Paedophilia and incest are two examples.”. Just as Archbishop Nolan compared gay relationships to incest.

To all those LGBTQIA catholics out there, you cannot let these people speak for you and your faith, you are the real catholics, not people like Tomasi, Nolan and Ratzinger, they are a cancer within your church, and you are the only people who can save it from the dark place its in.

A recent poll suggests that actually the ally component of the LGBTQIA US catholic population may be in the majority within the church. Results are that 56% say gay relationships are NOT sinful, and 43% supports gay marriage.

Found via NOM


Even One News Now is reporting that they cannot in good conscience dismiss the conclusions of this study.

Archbishop Nolan compares Gay Marriage to Incest

This is the Archbishop of New York City, apparently wanted to renew the church, but certainly not reform it. Honestly how is this man allowed to be the Archbishop, surely one of the liberal progressive bishops would be more appropriate for the Medina of Gay Culture.

He states clearly that in his view only straight couples are worthy of marriage, and that gay couples are clearly inferior and do not make the grade of being capable of marriage. Those couples in legal marriages around the western world would beg to differ.

He then talks about the love he feels for his mother, and how since society wont let him marry his mother, then gay people should not have a right to marry either.

This is honestly one of the most odious sanctimonious hypocrites I’ve seen in a long while. The sheer brass neck of him to talk about gay couples being like incest and inferior to straight couples… I’m glad the church forbids priests from getting married, I’d hate to inflict him on a potential husband.

Found by those lovely people at NOM

A Catholic Chaplain is about to become head of the US Army Chaplins

Yup, in a time of progressive liberalism, we have a disaster, Donald Rutherford a Roman Catholic Chaplain has been nominated to this leadership role.

It sounds disastrous, but actually its not according to the fanatics on the right, they are spitting acid because of recent comments he made to religious leaders. He said that the changes will happen and should be respected, but even more telling he said that Army Chaplins are a key part of helping the service adjust to the new environment.

He by saying this is turning against the catholic dogma, but this goes to what I was doing about catholics saving the church from the pope.

I found out about this from One News Now who are fuming that this chaplain is not screaming hellfire.

Now there are problems with the infestation of evangelical chaplains in the US military, particularly in the Air Force, but this is a small piece of good news.

Gay Liberation Network in the Catholic crosshairs

Here’s a “report” by the National Organization for Marriage about a protest by the Gay Liberation Network outside Chicago’s largest catholic church.

I found it interesting because it was suggesting that people did not have a right to protest against organizations that do them harm. Just because your bigotry is wrapped up in faith does not give you a free pass from protest.

The thing is if you stop fighting against our basic human rights (and also let your children make their own choices), we’ll have no reason to protest outside your church…