Fundamentalist Christians don’t want a Theocracy?

I came across this article by Jordan Sekulow attorney at the ACLJ, claiming that associating the Christian Dominist Movement with fundamentalist Christianity was unfair, because fundamentalist Christians really want freedom for all.

This was the response I posted:

Except that the ACLJ and much of the Christian Right is constantly taking religious values and laws, and trying (and sadly sometimes succeeding) to bring them into civil law.   
Now there’s a multitude of examples in different areas where the Christian Right shows its Dominist values. However there is one example where Jordan and his pack of lies about freedom can be hoisted on their own potard, and thats the religious right and their treatment of Queer americans.   
The claim is of small government, freedom of choice, and personal responsibility, provided its small government in areas that do not affect you if you are a straight white fundamentalist christian man.    
The tea party, and the evangelical movement are already lining up their attacks on Queer americans, on every issue from marriage equality, through to attacking the repeal of DADT.    
When I want to marry the woman I love, where is my freedom? The claims of wanting freedom are nothing but pure hypocrisy… its saying you are free, provided you do what we tell you to do.   
Jordan can claim until he’s blue in the face that Fundamentalist Christians don’t want a theocracy, but those of us who already suffer under the theocratic laws that his kind have inflicted on this country, know better.