A letter to religious people on the eternal struggle of good vs evil.

The battle is eternal, you are right about that, but its not the battle you think, you are not the protagonist in the most important cause in human history, you are just a lowly soldier marching to the beat of fear, of ignorance and hate.

Sometimes the darkness wins some battles, when everything good we’ve achieved is brought to ash, stories of that are woven through our mythology, the Flood, Babel, Atlantis, the Fall, Ragnarok, even Sodom and Gomorrah. Your storytellers have always tried to make it out that they are stories of punishment, of victory of good vs evil, but they can’t hide what they really mean.

The stories are not about destruction and punishment, they are about change, death and rebirth, which is a very human concept.

When the first city fell, if your ideas had their way, we would have never thought about learning or progress again, but within a hundred years of each other Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley civilisations blossomed into life. Even when you destroyed Rome, less than 2000 years later, using a shoestring calculator and hydrogen/oxygen deathtrap this little fallen species visited another world.

There will always be the ignorant, the fearful, and sometimes they might find ways to bring us down. But for the next 1000 generations, anyone who can build a telescope and look up into the sky, will see a flag flying there, left by a people who took the forbidden fruit and went to the stars with it.

1900 style subversive hate politics are still in Vogue at NOM

Bishop Harry Jackson

Bishop Jackson, wants to fuel the same bigotry that the civil rights movement drove away

If you listened to the propaganda from NOM, then the voice of the African American community would be Bishop Harry Jackson. He rose to prominence when the Washington DC council legalized gay marriage, in his backyard. However he failed, and Marriage Equality was now legal and recognized in Washington DC.

One of the most offensive things that Harry Jackson says is that the Civil Rights movement was for african american people, not for LGBTQIAPPQA people.

There’s constant claims that its wrong that LGBTQIAPPQA people claim the mantle of the Civil Rights movement. People like Alveda King try to abuse her familial connection the Martin Luther King Jr to try to gain moral support for her conservative political ambitions.

Alveda King, the pariah of the first family of American Equality.

Now my natural gut reaction to such comments is to challenge Harry Jackson to a “who got screwed over by white straight men more” challenge, but thats what NOM and other claimants to the KKK crown want.


As I mentioned in the past, these hate groups predecessors in the 1900s faced a serious threat to their power. There was a powerful union between the women’s suffragette movement and the african american equality movement, which was almost unstoppable.

However with some very manipulative techniques, the Klan managed to turn the two movements against each other, setting back both for generations.

Coretta Scott King

Coretta Scott King, our ally and champion

Today, we still have inequality in the culture and society for African Americans, Women, and LGBTQIAPPQA people, but while there are strong ties between these oppressed groups, the successor to the KKK is still trying to turn us against each other.

There’s false claims of racism in the LGBTQIAPPQA community against african americans (yes after i’ve eaten out my girlfriend, I’ll go look down on african americans..), there’s been frustration with Obama over marriage equality, and there’s been a completely false meme that the African American church was responsible for Prop 8’s passage.

If you want to see what the real african american civil rights community have to say about civil rights, you can look to Coretta Scott King, who started out fighting for civil rights before she met her husband, and continued on becoming a champion of equality for all.

After her husband’s assassination, she carried on fighting for equality for women and by the 90’s was a prominent supporter for LGBTQIAPPQA equality. In 1998 she called for the broader civil rights community to stand up for equality calling it the same as Anti-semitism, Racism and other discrimination.

Martin Luther King

I have a dream applied to us all, it did not come with a disclaimer.

She’s faced criticism from conservative african american pastors, who claim that Martin Luther King Jr would never have supported LGBTQIAPPQA equality, but she points out that he cared about inequality, and standing against prejudice.

Due to the assassination of Martin Luther King we never got to see him march for LGBTQIAPPQA rights, but he’d have been a proud champion for our equality, and someone we would have been honored to give the label of Ally.

Groups like NOM, are trying to create hatred between the LGBTQIAPPQA community, and other minority communities, claiming that these communities are “too christian” to accept the fact that there are LGBTQIAPPQA people of every color. In their world view, hate is more powerful than love, ignorance trumps wisdom, and cruelty is mightier than compassion.

We are all one people, of every gender identity, of every sexuality, and every skin color, and when we work together for our mutual equality, and mutual protection, no bigot can stand against us, be they wearing a pointy hood, a black uniform, a dog-collar, or a shiny suit. Our strength comes from our souls singing the songs of a people who will not be slaves, who will not be repressed, who will not be disenfranchised, and will not be butchered again.

Meet the newest voice for civil rights, Canton Everett Delaware the Third

Canton Everett Delaware III

Technically he’s a fictional character from a TV show in 2011, written by such progressive writers, they brought us Captain Jack Harkness, a 51st century Time Agent who is so post gender boundaries, bisexual and pansexual fail to exactly encompass him.

However Canton is a different character, he’s a hard as nails 1960s FBI agent (former) working under the direct control of President Nixon. Now all throughout the story, we are told that Canton was kicked out of the FBI for wanting to get married to someone he shouldn’t. At the end, the Doctor suggests that maybe President Nixon might allow him to get married, and rejoin the FBI.

Nixon, feeling at the time magnanimous asks whether  Canton wishes to marry an african american, and seems willing to grant an exception, until Canton says “Yes He Is”.

Now in deference to history, Nixon never gave us marriage equality on that day, even when he should have, but it highlighted that the Civil Rights movement wasn’t just about african americans, it was about LGBTQIA folk as well.

There were certainly real world Cantons (and Wendys) who were forced out of their positions because of being LGBTQIA.

We all remember Alan Turing, the man who cracked Enigma, after the war was arrested for being gay, and rather than face the trial for being who he was, he committed suicide.

The real bittersweet fact of the story was that even in 2011, Canton still could not marry his husband in Utah, where Canton, first meets the gang.

Lets make 2011 the year we take back Marriage from the haters, and allow all our families the rights they deserve.



Why civil unions are not enough, and way too much

In the battle between the bigots and the progressives, something is kicked around, and thats the idea of Civil Unions or Domestic Partnerships, offered up as a compromise. Giving as many benefits as possible to LGBTQIA families provided that they are not called marriages. There are different flavors with different benefits throughout the USA, but just like marriages, they do not extend past the state line. Some states have parity or recognition of civil partnerships and marriages from other states. However the violation of the full faith and credit clause prevents these legal unions from being recognizes USA-wide.

Separate but Equal

Separate but Equal

Now for your for your average LGBTQIA couple they are looking for 3 things from marriage, firstly all the legal benefits of marriage, secondly all the legal responsibilities, and thirdly the actual recognized state of being married.

Now probably the strongest example of a civil union is that in the UK where aside from the name, its a marriage, however thats a rare case in a progressive country.

If you work for a decent company in a decent state and you are in a domestic partnership you may not have to worry about the legal limitations of domestic partnerships, but in the real world, your spouse may not be entitled to visit you in hospital, they may not be able to share your medical benefits, and every year LGBTQIA couples are penalized because they cannot jointly file taxes. There are also many rights recognized universally throughout the US for married couples, including immigration benefits, inheritance tax loopholes and simple spousal privilege in court (the right to refuse to testify against your spouse). Just like any cheap knock off, its not as functional, reliable or worth the same as the genuine article, and fobbing us off with Civil Unions is an insult.

Too Little or Too Much?

Too Little or Too Much?

Now on the right, with groups like NOM, the ADF and other hate groups the problem is that they do too much. NOM in particular are guilty of this little fiction, they frequently claim that its about protecting marriage, but then promote bills that would ban civil partnerships as well.

You look at their efforts around the USA, which vary from fighting against states that give benefits to same sex partners, or dare to pass real civil partnerships.

The problem for them is anything that gives LGBTQIA couples rights is a problem for them, so of course they are going to fight against civil partnerships. “The queers are thinking above their station” is the meme they are trying to spread around.

While on the other hand, being too much for the bigots, not only are civil partnerships separate but equal, quite often they do not provide all the rights of marriage.

The 1898 Plessy vs Ferguson decision codified into law the idea that provided you gave african american people something that sounded the same as given to white people, you could make them use different train cars, different stores, and different rights.

We need marriage equality, our forebears in the civil rights movement would not have put up with this, we owe it to ourselves, and their memories to keep fighting the good fight.

NOM retreads KKK methods, while we Unite against Hate

I’m honestly not pimping out Matt’s Stop 8 videos but he keeps hitting the mark.

This is a familiar meme thats been spread around by NOM and its minons since Proposition 8 passed in California, claiming that African Americans came out in large numbers to vote for Proposition 8. The story they told was that African Americans voted against marriage equality because of their conservative values, which is just a huge stalking horse to hide what’s really going on. Prop 8 passed with a slim majority, of 2%. Polling suggests that after the dust fell and the implications were realized, the general population were so horrified that if an anti-Prop 8 were to hit the ballot in California today, it would pass with a landslide majority.

What happened was a textbook Hate group hatchet job, straight out of the annuls of those opposed to the equal rights movements at the turn of the 19th century, and not only are the tactics the same, one of the groups being targeted were one of the groups who were targeted back then. In the 1890s there was a strong union between the suffragettes and the african american rights communities, and was motivated to the point at which the civil rights era could have predated the first world war.

However those who opposed the efforts managed to turn the white women and african american men against each other, playing on the racial fear mongering of african american equality against the women, and the proto-feminist fears of the african american men, creating a split that took generations to heal.

Now a new battle for equality is looming, and the natural allies of the LGBTQIA population are the African American population who knows all about the hatred and intolerance of right wing christianity. So once again the forces of intolerance once called the Citizens Councils, and the Klu Klux Klan, now their face is groups like NOM and other right wing christian groups. Its the same message, repackaged with Television adverts, threats of million dollar campaigns against politicians and judges who dare rule against them.

So yes the hatermongers are back, with new tricks, lies and technologies, peddling the same old hate on TV, radio, the internet and even attempting to get it onto the iPhone.

But as the fearmongers have evolved, so have we, our lost brother Alan Turing gave the world the computer, and out of that we are united against hatred from corner to corner of this planet. Today we had 33 visitors from alaska, 28 visitors from hawaii, 968 visitors from Texas, 68 visitors from Brazil, 3 visits from Saudi Arabia, 11 visits from Israel, 8 visits from South Africa, 44 visitors from Japan and 149 visitors from New Zealand.

These tactics have been used before, and yes a few generations back they held back equality, but in this generation, in this time, they just seem past their sell by date.