Why no matter how hard they try, DADT cannot be brought back

Its been said by many of the Republican candidates for president that one of their first acts will be to re-enact DADT, possibly by executive order. For some its playing to the homophobic republican base, for others its their heartfelt bigotry.

President Obama Signing the Repeal

Repeal for good?

However one thing we have to ask, is whether it is practical once repeal has been enacted for DADT to be re-enacted. By re-enacting the law, the bill’s signer, would be kicking out of the military, every single soldier, pilot, and sailor who’s been honest about who they are, so lets look at some numbers to think about what that would mean.

There are currently 1,445,000 active duty service members and 833,616 reserve troops which gives a grand total of 2,278,616 persons who would be affected by this policy. So assuming the conservative figure of 3.5% of the population identifies as LGB, that  would say that there approximately at least 80,000 LGB service members. Lets assume that half that group comes out in the next few days (another conservative figure), so potentially by the stroke of a pen, the Commander in Chief will dismiss 40,000 highly qualified and trained troops at a time when the US military cannot afford to loose anyone.

Republican CNN Tea Party Debate Candidates

Promising repeal of the repeal?

In the time of DADT, there has been horrific outcry by everyone from Queer Rights Activists, to Devout  Defence Hawks have protested the senseless loss of 13,650 service members. Now repealing the repeal, would cause the loss of 3 times that number in 1 day.

While many of these candidates lack any common sense,  when faced with those numbers, alone they would have to realise the catastrophic damage to the US military by the instantaneous loss of 40,000 troops.

They can promise all they want to bring back DADT, but the last day to prevent the repeal of DADT, was yesterday, before the “Great Revelation”.

Still no repeal, why didn’t the court case continue?

DADT repeal signing

Repeal Signed, but worthless?

Before the new congress was signed in, the only significant piece of legislation that fulfilled the president’s pledge to be a champion of equal rights, was repealing DADT. Part of the implications of its signing was that the court case that would have demanded immediate repeal was put on hold, but now almost 6 months after we were told it would be repealed, still LGB personnel (trans and intersex, need not apply) are forbidden from being open within the armed forces.

Cadet Katie Miller who resigned over DADT

Still not allowed to Re-Enlist


Katie Miller, the highly skilled West Point student who resigned rather than continue the lie of being straight, has since tried to reapply, but has continued to be rebuffed despite the implementation of the repeal being a matter of a couple of months away.

I’m sorry but this is not good enough, the US military neither needed, nor got time to “train” for the acceptance of integrated units, and this farce has gone on long enough. The fact that President Obama has not kept up pressure to get this repeal done, is a betrayal of all the fighting men and women who have to live a lie every day.

Apparently LGBTQIA people are only worth doing the bare minimum for, not getting the “full” support that Obama promised.

I still support his relection, but only because he is not as much a threat to me and mine, as the Republicans would be, thats his only strong point as far as I can see.

I’ve also got to ask, when the law still discriminates, why the court case has petered out… it could have enforced repeal rather than waited for this insult of a process to continue.

Opinions on the right about DADT

I realize that this story and opinion does not reflect the publicly stated view of the American Right, however I do not doubt that this reflects the opinion of many in the Religious and Social Right who imagine that all a lesbian needs is “a good man”.

The idea was postulated by Joe Rehyansky, that lesbians should be allowed to serve so that the men could “show them the light”. He’s not a serving judge, but the idea that someone could publicly advocate corrective rape, and then a prominent conservative blog could publish it, I find shocking.

In some ways I feel speechless, but then again I know that sentiment still exists in so many minds…We have so many hearts and minds to change…

Found via AlterNet