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Here’s the latest video from those wonderful people at

FCKH8: LOVE NOT H8 from on Vimeo.

Honestly its not their best work, but its a new catchy campaign and they are keeping up the fight, and keeping it fresh to try to keep issues in people’s minds, so head on over and support their great work at the FCKH8 store

FCK8 releases a new video

This is a really good visible campaign, of course being called on their crap frustrates NOM, so they responded claiming the children are being exploited.

The response makes me sick, how dare they talk loving families and say these children are not allowed a voice.

We are here, we have marriages in reality if not in law and people we love, and surprisingly we want share that positive environment with our children. I really don’t care that your neolithic religion doesn’t like the fact that i fuck my girlfriend and I think like everything else from that ignorant age it should be thrown on the trash heap…

Pop on over to FCKH8.COM and show your support 🙂

I’m just making a clarification here, that not all branches of the judeochristianislamic pantheon of religions cling to the homophobic tennets preached by the christian right. I do not intend to criticize the enlightened sects that remained true to the positive aspects espoused by those faiths, and if anyone took offense i do apologize, your faith is not for me but you are entitled to it.

‘Frack’ the Hate

I found this via my friend Mari, and i think it defines why the gay marriage fight is more of a symptom than the problem that needs to be fixed.

You look at NOM, and all their fucked up “Marriage is between a man and a woman” which has never been true. Arranged marriages happened to perpetuate societal structure, and then the respective parties would then have affairs on the side. Everybody knows who Abe Lincoln was doing on the side…. So please don’t preach marriage is a sacrament, because its just been about perpetuating convenient lies.

The reason is not about marriage, its about love and who we share that love with. They want to be able to walk down the street and only see straight couples, they want their children to see only straight mummies and daddies at school, and they definitely don’t want us to be proud of who we are.

I want the haters to be the ones who feel ashamed (if anyone should be feeling shame), i want them to be reminded that their intolerance is disgusting and peverse, if you want to sit in a cave and say “fags go to hell” go do that, out here in the 21st century all us fabulous fags, dykes, queens, kings, trannies, fudge packers and muff munchers are finding little pieces of heaven with who we love. You can’t stop it, you can’t repress it, so just accept it or FUCK OFF!

Footnote: NOM – National Organization for Marriage

Footnote 2: NOMexposed for background on NOM.