Immigration, Obama and LGBTQIA families this week…

Finally after 2 years of letting LGBTQIA familes be broken up because of DOMA’s unconstitutional provisions preventing federal recognition of same sex families, the US DOJ has put a stay on several deportations of the spouses of american citizens. Its not an across the board stay, but for those families recognised, its a breather.

However in all honesty its a scrap of bread from the table for the good little queers who sit under the table eagerly awaiting for Obama to come save them. Its another “deal with it queers” from the Obama administration. At least if it were a blanket stay of execution, then at least it would benefit all such families, rather than just ones who have managed to publicise their cases.

Across the US even if you get married in one of the few states that recognises marriage and you are binational, the chances of a stay of deportation until the DOMA case is decided are pretty slim.

President Obama, you take us for granted and expect us to vote for you because you are less evil to LGBTQIA people than the republicans, if you want to take a real stand, release an executive order stopping all deportations of LGBTQIA spouses in which the only grounds for denying a green card is DOMA, until the DOMA case is decided.