Joel Burns talks on Anoka-Hennepin and their Section 28-esque policy

When I started No More Lost, it was in part inspired by Joel Burns incredible coming out story and somewhat impromptu “It Gets Better Video”. He stood up and said who he was, and I felt like I could either stay in the safeish closet of being a somewhat stealthy lesbian transwoman, or I could be true, honest and open about who I am.

Today, there’s a crisis going on in Anoka-Hennepin school district, where the policy that forbids teachers from offering any support to LGBTQIAPPQA students, is having a devastating effect on those most vulnerable of students. Seven recent LGBTQIAPPQA suicides are still not enough to repeal this regressive and damaging policy.

Joel Burns who has become a voice on equality talked with Lawrence O’Donnell about the changes that vitally and immediately need to happen, for the students and the teachers who are currently unable to help, because if they dare to do so, their jobs may be forfeited.

Joel is right on the ball, and the statistics are frightening…