NOM is apoplectic about movement on DOMA constitutional

Finally after 2 years, despite it being clearly immoral and unconstitutional, the hated Defense of Marriage Act is no longer going to be defended by the justice department.

This obviously doesn’t mean that the Whitehouse is actually pushing for marriage equality, that would show too much backbone, but it just means that they are officially no longer fighting actively against marriage equality.

Surprisingly my friend Maggie, who I’ve had a stilted e-mail conversation with over the past few days has been almost vibrating with rage at this.

Here’s Fox News interviewing her, and not questioning any of the issues about it.

(video found via PRIDEinUtah)

Fox clearly ignored the fact that its Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender protections needed, not just Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual. It should be pointed that two highly qualified legal scholars, President Obama and Eric Holder are lawyers, and so can render a legal opinion, not a “feeling”.

I am worried that it does lead the way in giving future republican presidents the ability to refuse to defend, say health insurance or hate crimes legislation.

DOMA is an example of irrational bigotry, as we all know. It violates the full faith and credit clause of the constitution preventing legal marriages crossing state lines.

NOM is screaming for their chamber of commerce bought congress to step up for bigotry.

This whole situation still feels like scraps thrown to us by a lipservice Democratic party, but at least they have got NOM completely flustered.

Via NOM’s continually helpful blog

A lawsuit with a happyish ending

When a lesbian couple wanted to walk as a couple in their school’s traditional Snowday Parade, they were told that it was not acceptable, because it might make some of their compatriots uncomfortable.

However you look at the response by Mary Olsen official for the schoolboard, she seems to think it was acceptable to try to sanitize these events, and does not seem to have any problem with repressing lgbtqa expression.

As a result, Desiree and Sarah filed a federal discrimination lawsuit. They were shocked that their school would do this. However in a move for sanity and understanding the lawsuit was resolved by mediation, and the couple were able to walk proudly with the other couples.

The reason i call it happyish, is because its clear that figures involved did not realize what harm they were doing by trying to censor this couple. Hopefully these figures will be more understanding next time an issue of LGBTQA rights.

Thank you for this couple who said do not step on me and stood up for their rights.