I am who I say I am

In the past few days, the founder of LezGetReal and the writer behind Gay Girl in Damascus have been exposed as straight men, claiming to be lesbian women.

Now for nearly the entire history of the internet, people have pretended to be someone else.

Pretty much every single person on the internet has had a random hot girl start flirting with them, claiming that the recipient is just what they are looking for.

Sometimes the impersonation is for self protection, many pre-expression lgbtqia people first “come out” as themselves online. It might seem surprising but many women who play online games adopt a male persona. They do this to avoid the vile and sexist abuse that women suffer while playing multiplayer games on the internet.

However, when you have someone pretending to be something they are not for personal gain and self adulation, it not only betrays people who support them, but also damages the communities which they have lied their way into.

There is a place for a straight man to comment on gay rights as an ally, but to lie about being a lesbian woman, and then go so far as flirt with other lesbian women…. is just utterly wrong. The community has formed around LezGetReal, will be damaged but hopefully the real women there can continue on with the work despite this revelation.

I feel that the betrayal of the “Gay Girl in Damascas” blog was far worse, because it exploited not only our hopes for LGBTQIA issues in the middle east, but also our anger at the supposed mistreatment of “Amina Abdallah”. My reaction to the supposed story of her kidnapping had me thinking about how we could help LGBTQIA people arrested in the middle east as part of the Arab Spring, but it was all a fake.

So as part of my reaction to this controversy, I’m going to make it clear who I am, and make it relatively certain that I am who I say I am.

I am Gemma on No More Lost

I am Gemma

I’m calling on my sisters, brothers, and siblings out there to do something similar, I’m considering doing a quick video message to make it even more certain.


From other contributors on the site:

I am Krissie on No More Lost

I am Krissie

Thank you Marina for making me smile!

I can’t really say much beyond this video will make you smile,

I was not aware that the ADL also focused on LGBTQIA bullying issues but I think its awesome that they do and they recognize that tolerance is a universal value. The only thing to be intolerant of is intolerance.

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