Ban same sex dating in schools?

I rarely get as angry as I did with this, but i’m pretty much shaking with rage after reading this article in a school paper.

To have someone quote desert age tribal excuses for genocide, with phrasing saying we should be grateful that we are not put to death for being gay. Since Gay marriage is banned and dating can lead to marriage, the writer suggests that dating should be banned since the dating is fruitless.

Apparently the reason why you don’t see too many open gay couples is because they feel intimidated because they are not “normal”. The straight couples feel awkward when they see gay couples simple acts of intimacy, and so yet more reasons why gay dating should be banned.

The paper should not have released this article, it gave it a respect it never deserved and so their lip-service editorial is not worth the electronic ink it was printed on.

Quote leviticus at me and mine for justifying your bigotry and I will not pull back the logical punches. The book is a descriptive coverup of genocidal acts committed by those who wrote the book, in order to justify each act of destruction. I don’t see the people who wrote the book of being worse than their contemporaries. The majority of desert dwelling tribes probably acted in similar ways. But if you look to leviticus for your moral law, you should remember that it was not written as a code of conduct, but instead a manual for excusing acts we now call war crimes.

Colin Johnson, you owe your fellow students an apology for poor judgement, despicable phrasing and atrocious journalism.

Found via Pride in Utah

Anti-Bullying Bills, the conservative christians are running scared…

California has already stepped up the the problem of LGBTQA bullying with measures such as SB 48 which states that social studies should cover the positive contribution of LGBTQA people on the country and society. However they are moving forward with more measures such as AB 620 which creates an anti-bullying policy that should make schools and colleges take issues of lgbtqa-phobic bullying seriously.

Surprisingly the anti-equality forces in California are worried because it will mean that the bullying that happens against LGBTQA people on campus will be noticed, reported and dealt with. They miss the days when both the teachers and students would openly bully LGBTQA people for being “different”, and they know that its far more difficult to hate people who you know and understand.

The so called California Family Council are saying that its going to oppress christians, because lgbtqa-phobic behavior is natural and normal for children and they should not be punished. The SB 48 Bill raised this almost protocol of zion like response from Father Joh Malloy saying that the primary contribution of LGBTQA people is the destruction of society.

If you see it as a vital part of your faith to be allowed to browbeat your fellow students with religious dogma, targeting those who have the audacity to not only not listen to your bile, but dare to want to live proud and noble lives, then yes this policy is going to get in the way. Just the same as a white supremacist cannot abuse people of different skin colors in a school environment you cannot abuse LGBTQA people without consequences.

The religious right knows that if they loose this generation of their youth to openness and tolerance, that they will be the last generation that is so full of religious hate. Here’s the advert for True Tolerance a project of James Dobson’s group the focus on the family.

The agenda is clear with this this site, it is to trivialize the real problem of bullying of LGBTQA people, to suggest that there are minorities who are subjected to far worse bullying so you can ignore the woes of LGBTQA youth.

California is not listening to this rhetoric, they are continuing to push forward against the plague of bullying with the support of the teachers, parents, and students, hopefully leading the nation in moving forward.