A message to libertarians on queer rights

You would leave the vulnerable unprotected from the unchained ravages of bigots. Its nice to think that you can talk the bigots down, but sometimes you have stand up, and fight back. The bigots sometimes need to be chained, in deed but not in word.

Gary Johnson is no friend of the Queer Community, he’d strip us of all the protections we are working for and have worked for over the past 2 generations. His solution is to throw us to the wolves, and hope some of us survive.

Quick News Update: Wyoming stands against homophobia

Despite being the most republican and conservative state within the nation, having the strongest republican majorities I’ve ever heard of, the gay marriage annulment bill, died in the state senate 16 votes against 14 votes for it.

It looks like on this issue, and also on women’s health rights, it seems that Wyoming is standing true to its libertarian rather than authoritarian conservative principles.

Probably not gonna live there, but more work like this and I wouldn’t mind visiting.

UPDATE: Rachel Maddow Coverage

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