Back from the dead…

I’m sorry to say I lost a bit of my inspiration with writing and keeping No More Lost going. A lot was going on in my life that made it very difficult for me to write here. I’ve currently got a big workload which isn’t going anywhere soon, but I’ve reached a point where I have the ability to bring this blog back off life support and start fighting in my own way again.

There will be some changes, as much as I have a love of my adoptive homeland in the US, I need to focus more on the UK for now. A lot is going on here, and being on the ground means I can do more. I’m looking for people who are on the ground in the US who can contribute, so if you are interested, watch this space.

However I will not abandon the US, 2012 is going to be an important year for queer rights and acceptance there and I’m going to continue writing about matters there, the balance of writing will just be focused here in the UK and Europe-wide.

The video content I started doing meant a great deal to me, and I want to continue, but I don’t want to do a video of the week style situation. There are many people out there doing some great regular videos. When I feel I can’t say something just with words, then I will look at doing another video.

Department of Education begins to step up to the mark

It may be slow in doing this, but it looks like as a result of the Office of Civil rights realizing the serious problem of lgbtqa-phobic bullying and torment going on in American schools.

The problem is systemic, its not just about incidents where you have isolated bullying against specific victims, its about a problem where these schools do not recognize or deal with the problems, its about a culture of discriminating against people who are different.

From the schoolboard, down to the teacher level, and in the yard, if you are attacked for many things they’ll jump to it, but being criticized for being different, thats allowed. I remember the sheer terror at school of being outed, even though i wasn’t out to myself, the accusation would have been bad enough.

If you are a teacher or school official, you should present an unequivocal message, that being LGBTQA is perfectly natural and healthy, and that religious sensibilities should not be brought into the equation because they come from a time prior to modern understanding of LGBTQA nature.

When someone feels they are being harassed for who they are, then school officials should take action, and treat it as seriously as any other issue of harassment.

Story via Pink News