Meet the newest voice for civil rights, Canton Everett Delaware the Third

Canton Everett Delaware III

Technically he’s a fictional character from a TV show in 2011, written by such progressive writers, they brought us Captain Jack Harkness, a 51st century Time Agent who is so post gender boundaries, bisexual and pansexual fail to exactly encompass him.

However Canton is a different character, he’s a hard as nails 1960s FBI agent (former) working under the direct control of President Nixon. Now all throughout the story, we are told that Canton was kicked out of the FBI for wanting to get married to someone he shouldn’t. At the end, the Doctor suggests that maybe President Nixon might allow him to get married, and rejoin the FBI.

Nixon, feeling at the time magnanimous asks whether  Canton wishes to marry an african american, and seems willing to grant an exception, until Canton says “Yes He Is”.

Now in deference to history, Nixon never gave us marriage equality on that day, even when he should have, but it highlighted that the Civil Rights movement wasn’t just about african americans, it was about LGBTQIA folk as well.

There were certainly real world Cantons (and Wendys) who were forced out of their positions because of being LGBTQIA.

We all remember Alan Turing, the man who cracked Enigma, after the war was arrested for being gay, and rather than face the trial for being who he was, he committed suicide.

The real bittersweet fact of the story was that even in 2011, Canton still could not marry his husband in Utah, where Canton, first meets the gang.

Lets make 2011 the year we take back Marriage from the haters, and allow all our families the rights they deserve.