GLAAD releases its list of movies, LoveFilm doesn’t really notice

While nowhere near as celebrated as the Oscars, the GLAAD list highlights films and other media that help give positive insight into queer life. Here’s this year’s nominees.

I was just going to post the video on the facebook wall and be done with it, BUT I had an idea, I’ve had a LoveFilm subscription ongoing for a while, and its generally unused, but I thought why not add some of these movies to my queue.

Thats where the problems started, because while a couple of mainstream movies made it to the rentable list (J. Edgar and Albert Nobbs), apparently Beginners was known by LoveFilm, but not rentable. With this not stellar start I began running my way through the list.

Circumstance was unknown, as was Gun Hill Road. Pariah was on the future reservable list, but no image or detail was filled in. Thankfully Tomboy and Weekend made it past the filters.

I’m not out to say that every queer friendly movie should be available, and I know that they do make an effort in having a dedicated Gay/Lesbian cinema section but maybe next year when GLAAD releases its list, LoveFilm might check it out and make sure all the movies on the list are available.