So NOM has started up another front group, like the ruth institute, called

Honestly its sick-making on so many grounds, the homophobia and bigotry expressed, but also the hypocrisy.

The rights of the minority cannot be in the hands of the majority, its one of the many lessons learned during the process of moving towards equality in this country.

Defending DOMA is unethical because marriage is not threatened, and nobody has come up with an iota of proof that allowing marriage equality would damage heterosexual marriage in any way.

The hypocrisy comes from the flip flopping, currently its the vote of the people meme, they know whats best, but were it the people supporting it they’d still be clamoring to the representatives/senators that they had to stand firm against the gay tide.

This to me is still the best argument against the tactics is this video on Reel Love

The Ruth institute tries to co-opt love in video form

Here’s the winner, entitled “Carter and Sherrie”

This really breaks my heart watching this, it is clearly a loving couple who are facing the death of one, and it made me more than a little teary. Its an okay example of love but maybe this couple should recognize that the strength of their relationship is not threatened by other people’s love.

Catching the Vision in came in second place

I wonder if this one was perhaps a stealth LGBTQIA one because she never said love was about a man and a woman or looking for that man. Her language seemed intentionally ambiguous, yes I know she referenced some fairly dreadful classic movies, but if she’d shown a scene from the L-word she’d have not got into the competition. Honestly I think her words about love and being together for a lifetime, are some of the most apt and beautiful I’ve heard in a long time. I hope this girl finds a girl or boy to make her happy. if she sent this to the Ruth Institute because she buys into their bigotry, then I hope that love will inspire her to realize that love is universal be you gay straight, lesbian, transgender, queer, bisexual, or even polyamorous.

Finally we have “Serve One Another in Love”

Nothing too bad really, I think it would have been better for the middle one to have shown a man doing a foot massage, it was sub-texted that this man was suffering in some way but still I can’t really slam this video.

These videos are well done and do show examples of love, but all the people involved (allegedly) sent this to a group who peddles hatred, bigotry, intolerance and fear. Despite all these wonderful sentiments and messages, they felt it was important to show examples of their love in order to slam love I might feel and that is just plain wrong.

If this was really about love, they would have accepted this video done with the title “REEL LOVE is EQUAL”

They accepted the video at first before they looked at the ending, and then they got freaked out.

Via those lovely hatemongers at NOM