Republicans In Name Only

From the nearly universally accepted right of women to have access to effective hormonal birth control, to issues of law and justice the republican party now holds positions that would place their sainted Ronald Reagan in the shrinking and soon to be extinct liberal wing of the GOP.
They love to bat around the term RINO or Republican in Name Only, to describe the liberal wing as those not orthodox enough to be allowed the label of republican any more. However if you look at the republican party of Reagan, Nixon and Eisenhower, its this new breed of so called republicans who are misappropriating the brand. They are the detractors, the corrupters and the fakers.

Its the Arlen Specters, the Susan Collins and the Lisa Murkowskis who still espouse the somewhat sane centre right policies who are the real and true republicans.

There may be some fanatics at the republican base, but the fast majority of the US Red and Blue alike is sane, and its a world where topics like Birth Control have been closed and put in the archive for posterity, but now like Eric Cartman renacting the civil war, the new breed wants go to back and fight wars long since over.

Ask yourself, no matter how you feel about Reagan, would he be welcome in a party with Paul Ryan as the figurehead?

Why no matter how hard they try, DADT cannot be brought back

Its been said by many of the Republican candidates for president that one of their first acts will be to re-enact DADT, possibly by executive order. For some its playing to the homophobic republican base, for others its their heartfelt bigotry.

President Obama Signing the Repeal

Repeal for good?

However one thing we have to ask, is whether it is practical once repeal has been enacted for DADT to be re-enacted. By re-enacting the law, the bill’s signer, would be kicking out of the military, every single soldier, pilot, and sailor who’s been honest about who they are, so lets look at some numbers to think about what that would mean.

There are currently 1,445,000 active duty service members and 833,616 reserve troops which gives a grand total of 2,278,616 persons who would be affected by this policy. So assuming the conservative figure of 3.5% of the population identifies as LGB, that  would say that there approximately at least 80,000 LGB service members. Lets assume that half that group comes out in the next few days (another conservative figure), so potentially by the stroke of a pen, the Commander in Chief will dismiss 40,000 highly qualified and trained troops at a time when the US military cannot afford to loose anyone.

Republican CNN Tea Party Debate Candidates

Promising repeal of the repeal?

In the time of DADT, there has been horrific outcry by everyone from Queer Rights Activists, to Devout  Defence Hawks have protested the senseless loss of 13,650 service members. Now repealing the repeal, would cause the loss of 3 times that number in 1 day.

While many of these candidates lack any common sense,  when faced with those numbers, alone they would have to realise the catastrophic damage to the US military by the instantaneous loss of 40,000 troops.

They can promise all they want to bring back DADT, but the last day to prevent the repeal of DADT, was yesterday, before the “Great Revelation”.

I don’t care about Reagan

On the 6th of February 1911 there was delivered a bouncy baby boy by the name of Ronald. This was a man who was set to change the world in ways that few could imagine. To some he was a hero like to another, to me and many who know what he did, he was a villain.

When I wanted to write about this, I wanted to do a slight rant about how his record was filled with bigotry and hatred towards everybody who wasn’t a straight white male. But all of you know about his opposition to the civil rights movement, his blanket opposition to Gay rights, and his almost genocidal avoidance of acting on the AIDS crisis for 6 years. You know all of this, and me showing him for what he was wont change a thing.

This article was going to be full of righteous bile, but I was re-watching an episode of Smallville while writing, where Oliver Queen talked about “Armchair Bloggers” who just complain about the world and do not fix it. Its true, I’m no David Kato, I’m no Stonewall Rioter, I’m not even a member of the Queer Liberation Front. I don’t know how to save the world, I still find it difficult to save myself at times.

But, I’m me, I’m still here, and I’m looking for ways to fight and I’m speaking. Maybe its a fool’s errand, maybe the pessimists are right, nothing ever changes for the better.  Sometimes in my dark moments I believe them, but then I remember something extraordinary.

In 1945 US troops marched into concentration camps across europe, releasing all the groups of prisoners, but one. Those who wore the pink triangle,  they were dragged out of Nazi prisions, and thrown right into American ones, to suffer for being true to who they were.

A few weeks ago, a law was finally passed that said the revolutionary idea that if you are gay or lesbian you have a right to serve your country in the military. Now yes I know its utterly incomplete, and unimplemented, but things change. Next time that the US military marches into a tyrannical situation, it will contain out and proud members of a caste of formerly repressed people. That same military’s predecessors would have been the ones arresting and brutalizing.

So don’t think you can sit there in a cloud of pessimism and woe, smug and self satisfied that the world never change, because the history of the world is one of improvement and hope.

Rainbow and US Flags fly together

I often see the American flag hung next to the rainbow flag, and slowly but surely that sullied flag of false dreams is earning the right to be hung next to the rainbow.

There is an American phrase about giving our children a better life than our own. Our forebears stood up for us to make it possible for us to be out and proud in a way that they could not in youth. Just by living we honor their example, but we can do more, we can give our children a more open freer better world than the one in we live in.

Of course it will not be plain sailing, and Reagan’s stepchildren are still looking for ways to change the world back to his way of thinking. Palin, Huckabee, and others will always appear, evil never goes away, but we can keep fighting and keep pushing it back.

Who among you will listen to the mad dreams of a foolish, idealistic woman… I believe in you… please believe in yourselves and make a difference.

NOM talks to the homophobic RNC chairs

I keep hearing that i shouldn’t paint the republicans with the lgbtqa-phobic brush that i do despite a track record of trying to make my life and the life of everyone different more difficult.

Here is a sample of the opinions on gay equality but the current contenders for RNC chairman.

We have number 1:Reince Priebus

We have number 2:Gentry Collins

We have number 3: Ann Wagner

Aside from the fact that all these candidates have no idea of the thousands of happy successful children of LGBTQA families, and cling to antiquated homophobic talking points. They ignore years of studies showing that there are no inherent disadvantages to having an LGBTQA family.

One of the candidates even talked proudly of the anti-gay rhetoric of 2004. We are facing a political party that is applying a litmus test of hatred for LGBTQA equality, to its candidates, and that is dangerous on 2 large fronts. Firstly it means that when the republicans get in, they will make our lives miserable. Already they are talking about trying to stop DADT repeal from happening. Secondly it means that the Democrats feel like they don’t need to stand up so much for LGBTQA equality. When your other choice is someone who is campaigning on repealing your rights, you have to choose the lesser of two evils.

I am a lefty liberal socialist, so i sit to the left of the left wing of the democratic party, so i’m not in favor of republican policies, however i’d like to see a more sane moderate republican party, with sane voices like Meghan McCain rather than extremists like Sharon Angle because its better for the country, and its better for the cause of equality.

However with voices like Ann Wagner, Reince Priebus and Gentry Collins, I don’t see a sane republican party in future, only more hatred and vitriol against LGBTQA people and other minorities….