Denying LGBTQIA conservatives, the right to be conservative…

I’m a left of left ultra liberal, socialist, eggheaded, feminist, antitheist, bisexual, anti-war, anti-corporatist, pro-labour, lesbian identified transwoman…. I don’t like conservatism because it stands against on pretty much every issue. But I also realize that people have and are entitled to different perspectives. There are LGBTQIA people who believe in fiscal and defense conservative issues. I don’t like their viewpoint, and I consider them “good queers” but i think they have a right to believe what they do.

Star Parker and others disagree however, they consider that should someone who is LGBTQIA, then they should have no right to claim the conservative mantle. No matter their belief on defense and fiscal issues according to Star Parker, the fact that they ignore levitical law, and focus on reality rather than God, means that they do not fit with her definition of marriage. It seems clear that the walkout from CPAC by many of the anti-equality social conservatives that they want to deny the right of LGBTQIA conservatives a voice or even in a place within the political movement they are a part of. Its good to see that some within the Conservative movement such as Mitch Daniels have made it clear that such intolerance is not welcome, and they need to move past it, but the backlash against him suggests that GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans are certainly being kept out and thats outrageous given that 30% of LGBTQIA people voted for republican candidates this time (Allegedly).

Look I get it like Rush Limbaugh, that Star Parker wants to criminalize acceptance of LGBTQIA persons, and roll back any rights we have won. They cannot stand the idea that other conservatives are waking up to the realization that equality is right and just. The baptist god is not the absolute ruler of conservatism or the republican party, and denying the bile soaked religious dogma as the mantra of conservatism is the right way to go. Melanie Philips recently complained that David Cameron the conservative Prime Minister of the UK stood up for marriage equality, because while he is a fiscal conservative, and a defense conservative, he has not let the bigotry of social conservatives rule him. There will come the day when conservative republicans will recognizing that marriage equality is the right thing to do. I wish they would stand up for it today, but they are still cowards.

You damage your movement Star Parker, by trying to keep the new blood of the “Good Queers” out as well as their allies.

Rush Limbaugh calls on Gay/Progressive republicans to get back in the closet….

Here’s Rush Limbaugh’s two cents, about keeping conservative morality, and ignoring conservatives who might be interested gay equality, and other libertarian causes such as drug legalization.

Its decidedly hypocritical from a man who was addicted to Oxycodone, a highly restricted opiate, and currently on his 4th wife to talk about morality.

Referring to the base, its strange to say him claiming that the Democratic party never sacrifices its base to win broader appeal. At first I couldn’t take him seriously given the routine slamming the White House gives real progressive groups. I sometimes wonder who hates the Daily Kos more, the White House, or the right wing blogosphere. Its a story for another day but there are numerous examples of where the White-house has hit out at its base with a vehemence that the republicans have never seen…

I don’t expect sanity or logic from Rush, or his audience, but I do call on his sponsors to realize that as well as supporting all the other bile, this is nothing but a full blown fully rounded bigot and we recognize that by sponsoring him, that his sponsors are supporting homophobia and should be boycotted.

Video found by our friends at NOM we thank them for their invaluable work giving us insight into their bigotry and hatred.