More from Dr Roback-Morse at the Ruth Institute

Here’s the monthly hate from Jennifer Roback-Morse, the founder of the Ruth Institute. She claims to be a foundress, but thats just bad grammar, I’m all for female empowered names, but firstly she’s an anti-women’s rights activist, and secondly founder is entirely gender neutral….

Watching this piece I really found myself thinking of a Big Brotheresque huge wall tv from 1984 spewing hate and judgement against those she hated.

Firstly, the studies exist showing no such consequence. On a related note she claimed that she were going to show the problems in Massachusetts, and then used the “well nothing has gone wrong yet” excuse.

Secondly, she’s a racist who keeps on claiming the african americans are flat against marriage equality like when thats not true at all. Yes there are some vocal churches where bigotry reins free, but recently a group of african american churches publicly apologized for the overal opposition to marriage equality. Not to mention there are many african americans who are progressive liberals, which is unsurprising given how many are democratic voters.

Thirdly she talks about equality as tho asking for equal treatment under the law offends her personally.

Fourthly catholic adoption agencies are not reputable, they are bigoted and hate-filled having no place within the adoption system.

As an aside it seemed like a really odd cadence in her voice, which again reminded me of the vocal inflections of other hate-mongers… i’m not a trained vocal psychologist but i’d be curious as to what they would say.

Via those wonderful people at NOM exposed

The Ruth institute tries to co-opt love in video form

Here’s the winner, entitled “Carter and Sherrie”

This really breaks my heart watching this, it is clearly a loving couple who are facing the death of one, and it made me more than a little teary. Its an okay example of love but maybe this couple should recognize that the strength of their relationship is not threatened by other people’s love.

Catching the Vision in came in second place

I wonder if this one was perhaps a stealth LGBTQIA one because she never said love was about a man and a woman or looking for that man. Her language seemed intentionally ambiguous, yes I know she referenced some fairly dreadful classic movies, but if she’d shown a scene from the L-word she’d have not got into the competition. Honestly I think her words about love and being together for a lifetime, are some of the most apt and beautiful I’ve heard in a long time. I hope this girl finds a girl or boy to make her happy. if she sent this to the Ruth Institute because she buys into their bigotry, then I hope that love will inspire her to realize that love is universal be you gay straight, lesbian, transgender, queer, bisexual, or even polyamorous.

Finally we have “Serve One Another in Love”

Nothing too bad really, I think it would have been better for the middle one to have shown a man doing a foot massage, it was sub-texted that this man was suffering in some way but still I can’t really slam this video.

These videos are well done and do show examples of love, but all the people involved (allegedly) sent this to a group who peddles hatred, bigotry, intolerance and fear. Despite all these wonderful sentiments and messages, they felt it was important to show examples of their love in order to slam love I might feel and that is just plain wrong.

If this was really about love, they would have accepted this video done with the title “REEL LOVE is EQUAL”

They accepted the video at first before they looked at the ending, and then they got freaked out.

Via those lovely hatemongers at NOM

Maybe LGBTQA catholics can save the church from the Pope and his kind?

For those of you who don’t know, the Ruth institute is a mouthpiece for the views of the Catholic Leadership and the Pope.

Normally there’s nothing special to be said, because the perspective and intolerance they show, but I think they show something that is wrong at the heart of Vatican led rule of the Catholic Church, and somehow in an almost zen way, this video pointed it out.

They reference various “Threats” to marriage, including the old chestnut of contraception, divorce, not getting married, and gay marriage… It keeps using the words of the Archbishop as new gospel, as if they are like the Mormon Prophets. Then they have found people who will twist facts to support the perspective of that Archbishop.

I know there are LGBTQA catholics out there, who have a very different view of catholicism, my fictional hero Josiah Bartlett was a devout catholic, and part of that belief was what helped craft a wise albiet fictional leader. The pope certainly was not the source of all wisdom to him, rather a forgotten figurehead.

You know that contraception is sensible and often lifesaving, you know that no matter how hard some people try some marriages do not work out and you should not make them suffer by preventing them from splitting. You remember the philosophy of not judging how other people live, and you know some people feel no need to get married, and above all be you ally, transgender, bisexual, lesbian or gay, you know there is nothing inherently sinful about accepting the person that God mad you inside. The pope is not a good catholic, he is stuck in a time long since past probably far happier when Vatican power was near absolute. You reading this, thinking for yourself and filled with the true nature of God are good catholic.

Maybe its time for the true catholics to take a page out of the conservative anglicans and divorce themselves from this twisted reflection of christianity that the Vatican espouses….I’m not catholic, i’m not even christian, and I find it difficult to understand that. I don’t want to insult your faith or disrespect your beliefs, but you cannot be silent within the catholic church while these travesties continue against LGBTQA people.