Trailer for Second Class Citizens

A documentary is being put together by filmmaker Ryan James on the history and current reality of discrimination against Queer Americans.

Here’s the first trailer to be released, and it made me more than a little teary eyed.

Keep an eye on the twitter feed @2ndclassctzn

Found via Queerty.

Just something I said as “feedback” to Focus on the Family

I saw a request for feedback by Focus on the Family, and I couldn’t resist.

Focus makes it a mission to hurt my family.
Because of their “noble” work.

When we go to the clerk’s office and ask for our marriage to be recognised in law, we’ll be told we are second class citizens undeserving of basic human rights. When I am in the hospital, my wife will be unable to be by my side, since she won’t be part of my legal family. When our children need health insurance benefits, I will be unable to use my work insurance to cover them, because they will be my children only in reality, not in law. Our marriage will be as strong as any other, but because of Focus and other organisations like it, that marriage will be denied recognition.