Social Conservatives are looking longingly at Uganda

We keep being told by groups like NOM and the Family Research Council that they don’t hate LGBTQA folks, they just want to strip them of every right they deserve. They talk about love, help, and compassion, but honestly this is what they wish was on the front of an American Newspaper.

100 pictures of ugandan lgbtqa folk, and a label saying "Hang them"

A Ugandan Newspaper showing a lynch list of LGBTQA people

Members of these hate groups in the US, go to Uganda and tell them junk science and lies about the idea that being gay can be cured. Along with groups like the Fellowship behind the recent Presidential Prayer Breakfast, and many conservative lawmakers, they have helped craft the “Kill the Gay’s” bill.

They don’t want us to just be stripped of their rights, they don’t want us to be brutalized back into the closet, they want us living in abject terror of being outed, and lynched. God forbid that a brave man like David Kato stands up, well he must be brutally killed so that everyone knows the price of courage.

However not all is bleak, even when cowards and haters rule, there are brave allies who stand up. After the so called pastor decided to start spouting hatred and darkness, he was thrown out, and Christopher Senyonjo a former bishop of the Ugandan branch of the Anglican faith (He was excommunicated for being supportive of lgbtqa rights) spoke the words of a true man of god.

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Uganda is in a very scary place, in which being true to yourself will definitely cost you your job, almost certainly your home, probably your family, and unless you are very lucky, your life. Ugandan transmen have been raped by police and priests to “cure” them. Uganda gay men have been lynched in mobs no different from those of the Klansmen, and all the while the government supports and aids these people. Do we stand up, do we strip them of the money we give them, do we offer asylum at our embassies for LGBTQA folk. No we stand by, we give them our money, and those who hate us in the US, pray for the day America becomes like Uganda.