Waterloo Road Addresses Trans Issues

I am not normally a fan of Waterloo Road, but suddenly they have done something extraordinary with their latest episode dealing with the situation faced by Martin, a young trans-girl at the school. Their handling was exemplary, dealing with the pain and the frustration of the situations we have faced, and continue to face.

Martin Dunbar

A difficult role for a talented actor (copyright BBC)

Martin in a spiral of agony and being harangued by her fellow students  for a misunderstanding outed herself as trans, before running off. The different members of the school dealt with the fallout in different ways, one girl suffering her own difficulties goes and offers comfort and counsel, while teachers try to understand the situation. Some students are sadly cruel, but as also happens, other students stand up for Martin.

Martin and Sambucca

a moment of happiness and acceptance makes Martin smile (copyright BBC)

The handling of the mother was also perhaps accelerated, but also well done, where she realizes that she could have a dead son, or a living daughter and admits its going to be difficult but will try her best.

Hopefully over the following weeks we’ll find out as Martin begins to come out and find herself. Stories help young trans youth come to terms with themselves and helps parents, family and friends understand the complexities and reality of the situation. Hopefully the next generation of transgirls and boys wont have to face the initial ignorance of their parents that Martin’s mother initially shows.

I’m hoping that shows in the US will pick up and start showing these story lines as well.

Those in the UK can watch the episode on BBC iPlayer. Non UK readers should see here for information.

NB: I realize some people may be confused about the syntax of calling her Martin, until she chooses her name within the show, thats the name she is known by. It is rather regressive to consider that a girl can’t be called Martin.

Australia strides forward on the treatment of young trans kids

This story has been bouncing around the interwebs for a few weeks, but i think its still a significant step forward. “Jamie” as she’s referred to in the news articles, has already been living as a girl for 2 years, and her family, including her twin brother has accepted the change.

The judge recognising the critically damaging changes that will start happening in the next months and years to Jamie’s body gave permission to her doctors to start her on puberty blocking drugs. This will mean that when she is older she will be able to take contra-hormone therapy and get all the benefits.

Of course the right wing across the western world is spitting fireballs, and pointing to their flawed research. Matt Barber, the VP of the Liberty Counsel Action hate group said that because of his beliefs in God making us and we should accept that no matter the pain, its sinful to allow people to be allowed to transition.

Every reputable psychiatric institution recognises that for some Gender Identity Disorder emerges at an early age, and that careful monitored treatment can maximise the benefits of the overall process. All of these same institutes, recognise that people who suffer from Gender Identity Disorder, cannot be counselled, coerced, or brutalised into being the physical gender they where born as.