Sometimes we have to lay things out

I was getting fed up of being told of the “love” for me and mine homophobic christians have for us.

This was my response.

This new claimed view of gay people is very young, but we remember the doors being broken down, we remember the prisons, we remember the noose, the stake, we remember the purges, the lost loves, the children stolen from our homes.

Uganda is the true face of christian hate for us, behind the nice suits, the polished slick lies of love and compassion, we know we risk our deaths if we ever let down our guards.

Maybe I could have been a little bit cooler headed, but sometimes we have to say what we know to be true.

Social Conservatives are looking longingly at Uganda

We keep being told by groups like NOM and the Family Research Council that they don’t hate LGBTQA folks, they just want to strip them of every right they deserve. They talk about love, help, and compassion, but honestly this is what they wish was on the front of an American Newspaper.

100 pictures of ugandan lgbtqa folk, and a label saying "Hang them"

A Ugandan Newspaper showing a lynch list of LGBTQA people

Members of these hate groups in the US, go to Uganda and tell them junk science and lies about the idea that being gay can be cured. Along with groups like the Fellowship behind the recent Presidential Prayer Breakfast, and many conservative lawmakers, they have helped craft the “Kill the Gay’s” bill.

They don’t want us to just be stripped of their rights, they don’t want us to be brutalized back into the closet, they want us living in abject terror of being outed, and lynched. God forbid that a brave man like David Kato stands up, well he must be brutally killed so that everyone knows the price of courage.

However not all is bleak, even when cowards and haters rule, there are brave allies who stand up. After the so called pastor decided to start spouting hatred and darkness, he was thrown out, and Christopher Senyonjo a former bishop of the Ugandan branch of the Anglican faith (He was excommunicated for being supportive of lgbtqa rights) spoke the words of a true man of god.

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Uganda is in a very scary place, in which being true to yourself will definitely cost you your job, almost certainly your home, probably your family, and unless you are very lucky, your life. Ugandan transmen have been raped by police and priests to “cure” them. Uganda gay men have been lynched in mobs no different from those of the Klansmen, and all the while the government supports and aids these people. Do we stand up, do we strip them of the money we give them, do we offer asylum at our embassies for LGBTQA folk. No we stand by, we give them our money, and those who hate us in the US, pray for the day America becomes like Uganda.

Uganda, new home of hatred

We’re afraid to criticize african cultural issues, because of our own genocidal activities that went on during the colonial era. The exploitation in many countries still continues today.

However having come to terms with my colonial ancestry, i find there no problem in criticizing the genocidal attitudes in Uganda. This isn’t just about David Bahati and his party, his opponents are equally homophobic, and will probably vote for the “Kill the Gays” bill.

Uganda has been convinced by the ugandan church, and by lies and deceit fed to them by the fundamentalists in the USA. They believe that being gay is a learned behavior, they believe that gay people recruit youth and that children are at threat.

Reading some of the work on Uganda done by Jeff Sharlet, i was shocked by many aspects, but the stories of three transmen and their treatment by their community and the police. The first was a man who was given an exorcism by his community church against his will. He was stripped naked and tormented in front of the congregation, before being locked away for a week, while he was raped, in an effort to convince him that he was female. The other two were two transmen who were arrested by the police because they were presenting as male, and being involved in a gay rights movement. While in police custody, both were subjected to corrective rape. This is the kind of behavior supported and condoned by the Ugandan government, and to be honest its not too far from what those on the religious right in the US would like to do…

For those of you who know me, you’ll know i consider rape to be a worse crime than murder and should be treated and punished enough, but somehow corrective rape should be even more severe. This was a state sanctioned crime, and Uganda should be made to suffer for the actions it makes. If they want to try to continue with this gay genocide, then we should act, this is no different than the ethnic cleansings of Bosnia or the pogroms of the Russian Empire and we need to act, with diplomacy, and if necessary with aid to the LGBTQA community in Uganda, including offering of asylum to any who need it.

Want a peek behind the curtain of the Religious Right?

The religious right, is currently loudly protesting that several of their member organizations have been put on the list of hate groups. However while they claim to be loving, pro-family, tolerant, they still sponsor, support and approve of hate-filled actions, and doing so is their core reason for being.

Often people in the moderate space of American life, do not realize exactly what these groups are truly like, so its useful to get a chance to look behind their platitudes at their real thought process.

Uganda, has strong ties with many in the Religious Right, The Family/The Fellowship/C-Street, and right wing politicians, and recently they have been in the news for their genocidal anti-gay law that they are trying to pass in parliament, which includes provisions to execution for “aggravated homosexuality” (continuing to be gay), 7 years for being gay, and 3 years in prison for knowing of someone who was gay and not reporting them to the authorities within 24 hours. There is also a provision to try to extradite any LGBTQ ugandans out of the country to bring them back to Uganda for prosecution…

Yesterday Rachel Maddow, interviewed David Bahati, author of the bill. She apparently has a near goddess like stomach to continue so long in this interview, I needed to pause it several times to take a break.

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The religious right would love to dismiss this as the actions of an unaffiliated politician from the third world, however David Bahati seems to think that his american political friends agree with the sentiments in the bill, and it seems in keeping with mutterings and whisperings from the less politically savvy members of the religious right.

This is not something outside what they want, its is what they wish the US was like, and consider it a tragedy of biblical proportions that its not.

I’ll talk more about Uganda in future, but for now its just an illustration of the enemies that we all face.