Greta Christina on sexuality and atheism

A couple of years ago I wrote about the Day of Dialogue, an effort by the Focus on the Family group to fight back against the Day of Silence.

I was talking about what could be said back to those christian school children who are parotting hate and bile towards people, but I finished off with this paragraphy about what the queer movement had to offer those who are bigotted on sexual issues.

Its not just about us, its about freeing them from the artificial constraints that they are forced into. The sheer madness of the situation is actually thrown into sharp relief with the legal prostitution that occurs in Iran, where a helpful iman grants marriages between client and sex worker, who after “sharing the marital bed” divorce using the “I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you” method, and leave. Sex is meant to be between consenting adults, and freedom from religious views on sex is something of what we offer. … and holding it back because of some strange ideas about criminalizing intimacy only being allowed during marriage, is lunacy.

Here’s Greta Christina’s talk on atheism and sexuality, which I thought was rather applicable to those ideas I was trying to express.

Trailer for Second Class Citizens

A documentary is being put together by filmmaker Ryan James on the history and current reality of discrimination against Queer Americans.

Here’s the first trailer to be released, and it made me more than a little teary eyed.

Keep an eye on the twitter feed @2ndclassctzn

Found via Queerty.

Anti-Gay Preacher, meets God (sorta)

I know I talk about compassion and enlightening homophobes, but closeted gay people who fuck their boyfriends in a hotel room and then preach about persecuting gay people on sunday, really do commit an almost unforgivable act.

So this little bone from Supernatural made me smile,

“And he who lies in my name, shall choke on his own false tongue, and his poisonous words shall betray him”

A little gem of utter happiness and joy

I was getting ready to post the next rant of mine, and this video was recommended, so I clicked and what I say made me giggle, made think, and made me bouncy.

The creativity and situational positioning of some of these signs, made me so happy. In these dark times when the haters attack us with all their might, we need to remember to smile and to remember why being alive, gay and proud is so fantastic.

Here’s my own contribution, paraphrased from a few wonderful signs

“Solomon had 700 wives, and 300 concubines… can I just have one wife (and maybe a couple of concubines for us to share)”

The Ruth institute tries to co-opt love in video form

Here’s the winner, entitled “Carter and Sherrie”

This really breaks my heart watching this, it is clearly a loving couple who are facing the death of one, and it made me more than a little teary. Its an okay example of love but maybe this couple should recognize that the strength of their relationship is not threatened by other people’s love.

Catching the Vision in came in second place

I wonder if this one was perhaps a stealth LGBTQIA one because she never said love was about a man and a woman or looking for that man. Her language seemed intentionally ambiguous, yes I know she referenced some fairly dreadful classic movies, but if she’d shown a scene from the L-word she’d have not got into the competition. Honestly I think her words about love and being together for a lifetime, are some of the most apt and beautiful I’ve heard in a long time. I hope this girl finds a girl or boy to make her happy. if she sent this to the Ruth Institute because she buys into their bigotry, then I hope that love will inspire her to realize that love is universal be you gay straight, lesbian, transgender, queer, bisexual, or even polyamorous.

Finally we have “Serve One Another in Love”

Nothing too bad really, I think it would have been better for the middle one to have shown a man doing a foot massage, it was sub-texted that this man was suffering in some way but still I can’t really slam this video.

These videos are well done and do show examples of love, but all the people involved (allegedly) sent this to a group who peddles hatred, bigotry, intolerance and fear. Despite all these wonderful sentiments and messages, they felt it was important to show examples of their love in order to slam love I might feel and that is just plain wrong.

If this was really about love, they would have accepted this video done with the title “REEL LOVE is EQUAL”

They accepted the video at first before they looked at the ending, and then they got freaked out.

Via those lovely hatemongers at NOM

Thank you Marina for making me smile!

I can’t really say much beyond this video will make you smile,

I was not aware that the ADL also focused on LGBTQIA bullying issues but I think its awesome that they do and they recognize that tolerance is a universal value. The only thing to be intolerant of is intolerance.

Found via Lezgetreal